All About Political Ads

To help you get started on your own Bush in 30 Seconds ad, we've pulled together links to a number of informative web sites devoted to political advertising and issue ads below. Happy browsing!

PBS' NewsHour segment from 1/12/00 about issue ads.
From the January 12, 2000 edition of PBS' NewsHour. "Media correspondent Terence Smith reviews political ads produced by advocacy groups and hosts a discussion with journalists and media critics."

Report on issue advertising
The Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania has posted this report on issue advertising. They link to an article that gives a good overview of what an issue ad is. They also detail their studies on who is sponsoring issue ads that air inside the Washington, DC beltway and how much they are paying for these ads.

2000 Presidential issue ads
From George Washington University's Democracy In Action website. Features stills and scripts of Republican and Democratic issue ads.

CNN/Time's ad archive
Ads and video spanning from Eisenhower/Stevenson's 1952 race to Ronald Regan's, 1984, "Morning In America."

30 Second Candidate
A PBS documentary supplement that features an historical timeline of U.S. political advertising on TV, a unit on the creation process "From Idea to Ad," and "Tricks of the Trade" on how particular meanings and moods are manipulated. You can also find transcripts of the program.

Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG) newsletter
The advertising research newsletter for politics, public affairs and advocacy professionals.

CMAG'S Politics On TV
Storyboards and real video of races from recent political races around the country. You must register to use this service.

The air war
During the 2000 Presidential campaign Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz evaluated the accuracy of political advertising in this occasional series. When available, ads were presented in RealVideo

Broadcast television and Campaign Ads.
A report issued in 2000 by Alliance for Better Campaigns about campaign ads and airtime devoted to politicians.

Tutorial on an issue ad used against then candidate Bill Clinton in 1992.
Tutorial on George Bush's 1988 infamous "Revolving Doors" ad, aka, "The Willie Horton," ad.
Darrell West created these tutorials for his Political Science 111 "Mass Media" at Brown U.